Singleton Consulting is a full service government affairs and multicultural outreach firm that creates strategic cross-cultural initiatives to assist our clients identify opportunities, and resources for future development, while meeting their target goals. Our founder, Phillip A. Singleton, is a seasoned strategic political consultant whose unique skills and experience have helped deliver many efforts from failure to success.

We take the time to understand our clients intricate and unique challenges, then provide a plan of action that will deliver their desired results. In many cases, the framework of our firm align perfectly with the vision of our clients needs. Below you will find some of the areas we specialize in:

Is your business prepared for speaking with elected officials and building government relations.

Our expertise has assited numerous clients navigate the sometimes perilous shoals of public affairs and government relations. Our hands-on approach enables us to provide our clientele with quality, timely advice and unmatched service.

Understanding the cultural diversity of millennials, african-american consumers and women should not be overlooked.

We create a framework for your outreach efforts, to help you identify the best mix of online and offline engagment strategies, that will help your brand resonate with the audience you care about most.

Having the right campaign strategies when speaking with Millennials is essential for success.

The baby boomer outreach tactics no longer work to engage a new and diverse culture of consumers. We help our clients put the proper infrastructure in place to stay relevant. We don't rely on consumer trends to dictate our next move, we set the trend and watch the industry follow.

"We fall in love with your problems... then deliver your solution."


Every day a legislator or government employee is debating an issue that could impact the way you do business. We understand the policies, the process of how a bill becomes law, and how to influence our client’s interest before it’s too late. We have built relationships on both sides of the aisle and can put you in front of the decision-makers you need to reach on the issues that are important to your future.


The best campaign outreach efforts take a multi-layered approach, from state-of-the-art digital technologies to face-to-face contact. Whether your goal is immediate action or building long-term grassroots capacity, our step-by-step blueprints will help you create and sustain relationships among the audience you care about most.


We understand the missteps non-profits, local governments, state agency and partnership programs, Tech Startups, and community organizations often take when advocating issues before elected officials. Our Legislative & Advocacy Training program gives clients a chance to learn successful techniques, to properly message your issue, while also providing an award-winning strategy to influence elected officials regarding their priorities.


The art of the conversation is nearly dead, and people are paying more attention to their timelines than your next "unique" breakthrough ad. We understand the challenges technology has placed on traditional marketing and messaging techniques for political candidates, various businesses and everyday consumers. We make sure our clients clearly understand the audience they are speaking with and develop strategies for messaging that actually work.


Singleton Consulting understands the challenges our clients face and adapt our expertise to their needs. We're committed to the research, developing the right strategy and are willing to put our work to the test. We pride ourselves on improving and upgrading our clients position while also delivering tangible results. Our services include, but are not limited to:
Policy Evaluation
We monitor policies that impact our clients while also providing strategic guidance relating to their desired political objectives. Our clients understand the future of their business, and other ventures, rely heavily on the decisions made at the state government level.

We take on the role of coordinating voter and demographic research, implementing the overall outreach strategy, and identifying opportunities for campaigns to take advantage of evolving technology and innovation.


We are experienced organizers that will create the blueprint for our grassroots efforts. Our experience will help you design a strategy that will produce immediate and measureable results. Whether your goal is immediate action or building long-term capacity, our expertise and emphasis on micro-targeting, door-to-door canvassing and tactical ground support is simply the best.


The right digital solution is essential to reaching and engaging voters who depend on their mobile phones for everyday survival. We are mobile experts


Even with advances in digital and social media marketing, direct mail is still one of the most effective tools to ensure you reach your target audience. When people see your mail piece you may only have a 10 to 15 second window to grab their attention.
Delivering your message to the right audience, on-time and on-budget, is one-step to have a lasting impression on the voter.

We break the lawmaking process down into plain English, allowing each one of our training participants to fully understand the rules and unexpected turns that may arise. Having a bill filed with your priority is only one step of the battle, we overview the entire rulemaking process from cradle to grave.
What makes your niche issue a priority to decision-makers?! What happens when they say no?! Our program answers these and other questions by providing a step-by-step overview of common mistakes traditional organizations make when approaching elected-officials.
If you had a 3-5 minute meeting with the President of the U.S., would you be able to discuss the in's and out's of your organization, what your legislative priorities are, where it fits into the overall agenda of the country, what you are really looking for, and provide a solution on how to make it happen?! And what happens when you forget to mention something during this brief meeting?!
Our training program coaches and prepares participants for their successful day on the hill.
Our training program gives each participant the comfort and security in preparing their long-term advocacy strategy. We overview the best practices, highlight and address their concerns, while also giving them the best weapons in our political toolbox.
To have influence, you really don't need to have power. But what you need more than anything else is to have that almost uncanny understanding of what matters to people.”


We understand people!
Singleton Consulting also provides clients with access to untapped and underrepresented audiences. We create strategic messaging that resonates and strengthens the relationship between brands and their target audience. Our success is not simply based on "speaking the langauge." We are strategic experts that understand diverse cultures and our Green-Book analysis provides clients with deep insights into who these consumers are.
We understand their values, concept of significance, and create a synergy between our clients' brand and the $2.7 trillion spending power of millennial and multicultural consumers.
Millennial Outreach
Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation of people in the United States, representing a third of the total population and labor force. As voters, Millennials are more likely to be Independent, not idealistically tied to a political party or agenda. We provide our clients with a thorough in-depth analysis of this generation, why their values, purchasing power and decisions differ from others, while also identifying building blocks our clients should utilize for long-term success engaging this group.
African-American Outreach
Today, thousands of brands, products, and boutique services have their eyes on the African-American consumer and the estimated $1.3 trillion-doolar market they represent. Traditional marketing agencies are not even aware of the common mistakes they make when creating a "one-size fits all" strategy when engaging this audience. Their efforts often do not engage the cultural diversity of this audience, the intellectual affluence or need to emotionally connect on all levels. Our messaging creates a special chemistry that doesn't speak AT the African-American consumer; we create a conversation that speaks TO them.
Millennials turn 18 every day.
Subcultures of people who identify themselves as African-American
Percent of Millennials get news from Facebook.
Trillion dollar spending power of multicultural consumers


"Phillip's keen insights, and knowledge of the legislative process, we're invaluable in helping us to achieve our legislative goals during the 2014 session. I highly recommend him."
Tola Thompson

Director Governmental Relations, Florida A & M University

"Great training and will definitely recommend to other organizations."
Joy Dixon

American Lung Association.

"Great presentation... information that was provided answered many questions about the legislative process - the laws that govern our state."
Kisca Williams

Florida Department of Health

"When it comes to grassroots outreach, from developing an overall strategy that connects and moves voters, they are simply the best."

Our Clients

We value the relationships we build for each of our clients and approach every opportunity as a chance to improve their current condition. Whether our clients need us to fill a specific niche role or provide a full menu of services, our firm is experienced and equipped to help them reach their desired goal.
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