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About Me

Phillip Singleton, a 27-year-old young professional, has a true passion for leadership and political success. Working with Fortune 500 companies, the Florida Legislature, collegiate sports teams, and the banking industry, Phillip has displayed his multi-talented skills. Over the years, he has gained a plethora of knowledge for diverse marketing strategies, the legislative process, as well as Florida’s political climate that has allowed him to gain a vast wealth of knowledge and success in his career.

Mr. Singleton’s hardworking nature has pushed him to be become one of the youngest and brightest talents at the forefront of Florida politics. In a few short years, he has become one of the top legislative analyst and campaign consultants in Florida. This achievement has allowed him to establish relationships with some of the most well known and respected political figures in the process.

At the age of 24, he became the youngest African American lobbyist in the history of Florida politics. His successful work in the Florida Legislature was highlighted in 2011 when the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators (FCBSL) recognized him as an Emerging Leader in politics.

His experience and dedication to serve have given him credibility in Florida’s political arena and with some of the biggest organizations in the state. His efforts in the state range from raising funds for children suffering with Muscular Dystrophy; volunteering with the United Way; helping patients at the Alzheimer’s Community Care Association (ACCA); mentoring youth through Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend, FAMU New Beginnings Day Care; and teaching basketball to underprivileged children.

Throughout his nine years in Tallahassee, Phillip has displayed his leadership capabilities with various organizations and community projects. He previously served as a Ranking Member on the Democratic Executive Committee of Leon County as the Elected Liaison Official. He also finds time to assist and mentor collegiate political organizations as well as the Young Democrats of Leon County. Prior to serving these organizations, he served as the Community Awareness Chair for the National Association for the Advancement of Color People (NAACP) at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU).

In 2010, Mr. Singleton founded PGR Outreach Consultants, a philanthropic grassroots organization that works with collegiate students and young professionals about the political and marketing world by providing opportunities for them to work on various political and public awareness campaigns. Phillip’s vision behind this endeavor is to recruit and provide more opportunities for individuals age 18-30 in the political and marketing fields.

Phillip’s character is built around his work ethic, leadership qualities and his proven track record for success. His ability to think outside the norm and take a bird’s eye view on issues has made him the face for the future of Florida politics. Phillip’s hard work and dedication to the legislative field continues on today as he currently serves as Legislative Director at Pittman Law Group, P.L. in Tallahassee, Florida.

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